What is GAA

GAA Stands for Gaelic Atletics Association. The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is Ireland's largest sporting organisation. It is celebrated as one of the great amateur sporting associations in the world. It is part of the Irish consciousness and plays an influential role in Irish society that extends far beyond the basic aim of promoting Gaelic games.

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St. Pauls GFC (gaelic football club)ST PAULS CLONMELLON

St. Pauls are based in Clonmellon Co. Westmeath. Gaelic Football is completely different to soccer/football. In Gaelic Football you use your hands and your feet , you can kick the ball over the crossbar for a point, and into the goals , which is worth 3 points

EG. 4:4 - 2:6 =  (16 - 12)

unlike soccer gaelic football is played 15 a-side

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my position is full-forward. similar to striker in soccer/football

The difference between gaelic football and soccer.

Gaelic football uses a round ball similar to a soccer or volleyball. The round ball can be kicked anyway you like, inside, outside and middle of your boot. ... It may be kicked or hand passed. A hand pass is not a punch but rather a strike of the ball with the side of the closed fist, using the knuckle of the thumb.