I enjoy playing Roblox with my mate Cian although people say the game is for babies. I enjoy playing obbies , which are like obtsacle courses , tycoons , which is like , building facilities and much more.Me and my mate Cian play together , he plays on windows and I play on Xbox One. We skype each-other so we can talk.ROBLOX O 2017 Logo

Sometimes we don't play roblox but we just have the craic. We also like to play Flee The Facility. In this game you have to go around and hack computers. BUT, there is a beast who can capture you and your team-mates have to save you. If you hack all the computers you have to find the vault and escape.

There is another game we like to play called Fart Attack. In that game, you and other players are dropped into a toilet and you have to go around and collect burritos to get fart power. when you have enough you can chase after someone and fart at them and they get blown away into the water and they die. the person with the most amount of farts at the end of the game wins.

The final game we enjoy playing is , Adopt Me. It is a roleplaying game where you can become a baby and look for a parent or you can be a parent and look after your child by washing them , feeding them , giving them drinks and if they're sick you bring them to the hospital, if you do all of these tasks you can earn up to 30 bucks.

Cian is my best friend and we REALLY enjoy skyping each-other and playing roblox together :)download button