What Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a 100 player pvp (player vs player)  game . it is a free to play game on xbox one , ps4 , pc (windows+mac), android (samsung - s8, note 8, s9 and note 9) , Iphone and nintendo switch.

How do you play?

you drop out of a bus with 100 other players and the objective is to land in an area , get guns, and fight the other players , if you kill all the other players you win the game  (the longest a game can last is 15-20 minutes)

Weapons and where to find them.

You start off with nothing and land in an area , you can find guns on the floor , in chests and supply crates - you can also find building materials in chests, on the ground, in supply crates, and in supply llamas - and the same with healable items

Paid addons

You Don't have to buy things if you do not feel you want to , but if you want to you can buy gift codes ,  use your credit card or your pay-pal. you can buy packs , you can buy 1,000 vbucks (in-game currency) for €10 , 2,800 for €25 , 4,000 for €40 or 13,500 for €100 OR you can buy the limited edtion pack one is for €5 and the other for €30 OR you can buy the battle pass which is 100 levels of items and skins and dances for €10. ALL THE ITEMS YOU PURCHASE ARE COSMETIC AND GRANT NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!

What modes are there?

There is solo , you are on your own. There is duo , you are with your friend or you can queue in with a randomer , there is squads you can play with 4 friends or queue in with randomers , and there are LTM's (limited time modes)

In-game communication.

You can use a headset to use game chat and talk to your squadmates You can play cross-platform (all of the platforms listed above can all play with each-other)

if someone is harassing you , you can ... leave the match , block them , kick them from the game or mute them

Different Proportions

There are two proportions of the game there is battle royale (100 player pvp) or save the world (you versus zombies) you pay €40 for save the world.




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Here's my fortnite kill montage , hope you enjoy - https://youtu.be/Isdmlh_AFmk